Lighting Design

There’s something interesting in the way that you can set the mood and atmosphere by subtle changes in the lighting. Going from light, bright and happy. To being dark, haunting and Eerey! Just by subtly changing the intensity or colours within the lighting. Making people feel happy and warm to cold and anxious at the press of a button.

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Lighting Operation

Over the years I have operated many different makes and models of lighting console, some with greater ability and ease than others. After many years of programing different consoles, I finally decided to buy my own console.
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Set Design

Occasionally I will get a call to come up with a design for a set for a musical or play. Nearly always this will be on a tight budget, and sometimes very late in the day.
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Little Leigh Lighting Design

Welcome to the site, please feel free to look around and get in touch if there is anything you feel we may be able to help you with.

Well after what was looking to be a very busy 2020, the inevitable happened all over the word. The industry shut down as did most things. And although we are not out of the woods yet there are things on the horizon

We were lucky enough to have bits of work from clients doing TV shows, live streaming and some sales.
We are also lucky and thankful to our regular clients that have all came together to help each other during this difficult period.
We haven’t been sitting by idely, we have taken the opportunity to do extensive maintenance and also adding cable to stock and streamlining.

We have a Capture suite to preprogramme shows where-ever possible, or just to put ideas together for our clients to see a rendered scale model of their production to help with the ideas.
If you feel that we could help you to realise your production or event, then please feel free to get in touch via the website for a chat, or pop in and say hi.

We have a great team of freelancers with experience from across the fields of theatre, corporate and television, so we can provide the right people for the job. We really could not do what we do without our team of professionals supporting us.

Aim To Success

We always aim to give the highest level of service possible at a price that is competitive. We believe in using quality equipment and sub hire in the right equipment from the right supplier as and when required.

Professional Service

We strive to give a professional yet relaxed service for every job, taking the stress of technical production away from the client and giving them the end result they are after without the headaches that can come with it.

Lighting Design

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“Wow! Congratulations on a magnificent production in the RDS. I honestly don’t think i’ve seen such a great, high-spec, highly designed event in over a decade in this country! It was like walking into a little slice of heaven. And it was good for the soul.”

Susie Sheil
MD & Creative Director

Branchout Productions

“the stage itself was pared down to two sets of raked bleachers leading up to a futuristic equilateral triangle of flashing lights, vaguely reminiscent of an 80s poodle-rock stage set. This is a good thing though, as there is little distraction from the masterful score. Leigh Mulpeter’s lighting was imaginative and effective: heavenly shafts pick out the apostles along with great use of the mysterious triangle”

Jesus Christ Superstar

Leigh Mulpeter’s lighting design looked particularly stunning during the musical numbers. Like the set design it was simplistic but complemented the piece perfectly.

The Streets

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Some Festive Cheer in a dull year!

Well as much as 2020 was a dull year that we thought no theatre would happen in, a few venues and companies in the UK tried and succeeded in putting on some festive productions, even if they were to be cut short. One such theatre was The Millfield in Edmonton....

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    Well, we have been rather quiet on here for some time. For this we can only apologise. 2019 was a very busy year for us, freelance staff out on various jobs, equipment being updated and maintained. And my West End debut as a lighting designer. Rip it Up...

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Remembering Fred UK Tour

Having built up a good relationship with both Director and Choreographer Gareth Walker, and artiste management company & Producers The TCB Group, we were delighted to have been asked to design the current UK tour of Remembering Fred. Remembering Fred is a nonstop...

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Natalie Lowes Dream Lover with P&O

January was a very busy month indeed. After the success of 'Rip It Up Tour', we were once again approached by TCB Group to design a new show that they were working on in collaboration with Natalie Lowe for P&O Cruises. The brief was to design lighting to...

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Rip It Up the show

We have been very busy as of late. We was thrilled to have been asked by the producers of Rip It Up the show to design the lighting for their UK touring production. TCB group approached us after being requested by Director and Choreographer of the production Gareth...

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GrandMA has come to stay

We have recently invested in the GrandMA2 range of lighting console, due to the ever increasing control demands required for the wider ranges of moving and intelligent fixtures and media servers on the market. We took the decision to purchase an MA2 Ultra Light...

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