Lighting Design

There’s something interesting in the way that you can set the mood and atmosphere by subtle changes in the lighting.

Going from light, bright and happy. To being dark, haunting and Eerey! Just by subtly changing the intensity or colours within the lighting.

This is what has led me to designing, as I enjoy the thought process of how to achieve something. And also enjoy the realisation process of making it work.

I got into Lighting at the age of 13 in my local Amateur dramatics Theatre (The Kenneth More Theatre Ilford), and progressed through a YTS placement at a producing theatre (The Queens Theatre Hornchurch). To work with touring theatre companies, event companies and colleges.

Now being in my thirties, I have a fair knowledge to work from.

I am always learning something new, and going from different sectors is what seems to keep things fresh.

I have designed lighting for Theatre, Event and Conference. As well as being able to light for Camera for Conferences and Launches if required.

From a one night special performance to long running productions. Please feel free to drop me a message to discuss any ideas or requirements that you may have.