Lighting Operation

Over the years I have operated many different makes and models of lighting console, some with greater ability and ease than others.

After many years of programing different consoles, I finally decided to buy my own console. This was in order for me to be able to concentrate on giving my clients a better, more polished result.

If I know one desk extremely well, I find it better than jumping from desk to desk and having to remember how to do things using a different syntax entirely.

I am not against using other consoles, and if required I will. Besides having some knowledge of other consoles can help.

I have programmed and operated for many theatre & television shows, ranging from plays to musicals, concerts to operas and dance to discos plus more.

If you have a production coming up and would like to use me for programming, be it with a house console or my own. Then drop me a message to discuss your requirements. I am always willing to learn other consoles where need be.