January was a very busy month indeed. After the success of ‘Rip It Up Tour’, we were once again approached by TCB Group to design a new show that they were working on in collaboration with Natalie Lowe for P&O Cruises.

The brief was to design lighting to compliment the show and work in harmony with the set and custom screen footage.
Natalie Lowe had been working on a 45 minute show for P&O guests to experience on-board the ship Oceana as art of their entertainment programme.
The show is ‘Natalie Lowes Dream Lover’ a 50’s / 60’s style show telling the story of two guys and one girl and their search for love, through dance and music. This is performed regularly in repertorary style with P&O’s ‘Headliners’ cast.

P&O have a fixed lighting rig of Robe DLF and DLS fixtures controlled via a GrandMA2 light, and a hippo V4 media server to play back content from.
Due to being a working ship all programming had to be done at night once that evenings shows had finished and the sets had been turned around to our set. Programming would take place from around midnight each night until the cast came in to warm up at 0800hrs, then we would run what we had programmed in sequence with the action on stage. This enable us to see what worked and what did not.
Once we were happy, all lighting then had to be fully time coded to work with the tracks and video footage on screen. This is so when crews change, the show will remain the same each time.

Co-directed by the fierce Gareth Walker, both he and Natalie Lowe trusted us to light this production for them.

Set design is by the brilliant Steve Howell, built in the UK by RDW Scenery of London. This was bespoke flatage with period style graphics and images of Natalie Lowe in 50’s / 60’s period dresses. all in black and white which we could then add texture and colour to with the lighting. There are four trucks that roll on and off stage for various scenes, such as the Diner, Jail and Bedroom scenes.
All of the flats were dressed with RGB LED strip down the onstage edges, these all pulled your eye into the central screen area.

Content for this was created by Clive Silver and the team at CS Media, all fully bespoke, varying between graphics swirling gently in the background, to a black and white movie featuring Natalie Lowe and her team of dancers to compliment the drive in diner scene.

This production is set to run on the Oceana for the next 5 years, if you get a chance to enjoy a Caribbean cruise onboard the Oceana, then please sit back, relax and enjoy not just the sunshine and cocktails, but also ‘Natalie Lowes Dream Lover’.