We have just got back from a week of pure entertainment working alongside the creative team at MADD college in Nottingham.

It was MADD’s 50th anniversary gala production show at the Nottingham playhouse.

We supplied all lighting elements for the tech and performances, with a little bit of the venues generic lighting thrown in for eye candy and side light.
Lighting consisted of:
Ayrton magic panel 602
Robe Pointe
Robe 600e Spot
Clay Paky A.LEDa K20 Wash
Chauvet Colordash Accent

Control was via a Compulite Vector Green console running art net out via the Chauvet NetX unit, this meant we could dedicate 2 universes to the 6 magic panels to be able to pixel map them for spelling out MADD50 and other text, as well as running patterns over the top.
The Pointes were rigged around 1200mm apart on booms either side of the band at the rear of stage, giving some nice beam positions for effect lighting as well as rear side for general cover work utillsing the frost.

The top rig consisted of the Robe 600e spots and the A.LEDa K20 washes for gobo / colour washes and specials.

There were 4 of 5m trusses flown across 4 bars to give a ceiling of truss, that could then be lowered in at different levels to give different looks for pieces, closing the stage in for solos and adding another layer of colour using the Chauvet Colordash Accent units inside them as toners.

With 512 cues to get in the desk and run the tech all in the space of 2 days, it was a long two days, but this made the next two days of shows even more fun.
Thanks to the house crew at the Nottingham Playhouse, and all the staff, creatives and students at MADD college for having me