We have been very busy as of late. We was thrilled to have been asked by the producers of Rip It Up the show to design the lighting for their UK touring production.
TCB group approached us after being requested by Director and Choreographer of the production Gareth Walker. We were thrilled to have been asked to design this.

The show is a celebration of the music and dance from the 50’s era. Excellent musicians and vocalists from Leo Green and his band, with dancing by a hugely talented cast led by Natalie Lowe of Strictly fame, Jay McGuiness (Strictly winner and The Wanted) and Louis Smith MBE (Strictly winner and Gold medal winning gymnast).

Programming was done on an MA2 Utra light over the course of 4 days using the built in visualiser before being transferred to an MA2 on command PC wing after the tech period for touring.
Eurohire are technical suplliers to the show, so using their stock of equipment we crafted the design.
Design wise it is kept simple for daily fit-ups and de-rigs in each venue. Consisting of: 4x Robe Pointes, 6x Robe 600 LED wash, 8x Lanta Quad par 64 and 10x Lanta Fireball Pars. Generics are picked up in each venue which consists of top and shin side booms, 3 section area wash from FOH and band specials, finished off with 6 Par cans as backlight.

With nearly 1100 cues all fully timecoded, the tech period was a very busy few days, however it is being looked after on the road by touring relighter Ayden Harvey.

We wish the cast and crew a very successful tour, which has been really well received n every venue so far. Catch it whilst you can.